ZODIAK The most advanced radio monitoring solution for 24/7, periodical and tactical spectrum analysis and TSCM illegal transmissions detection and localization.
The best hardware solution to be bundled with RadioInspector software to perform all of the following functionality:
• Portable and easy to deploy solution for signals detection, analysis and threat localization
• Detection of Frequency hoppong, burst/pulse and low power transmission
• Detection of virtual base stations (imsi cathcers)
• Demodulation of TV signals, both: – digital DVB and — analogue NTSC, PAL, SECAM.
• Identification and demodulation of Wi-FI, Bluetooth, AM, FM, DECT, GSM, UMTS, ZigBee and etc.
• SIGINT. real time IQ signals classification, and automatic digital processing.
• Digital mapping for signals direction finding outdoor with precise GPS positioning
• COMINT. IQ _ProcessPRO appication for IQ stream recording post-processing
• Voice demodulation of non-encrypted Tetra, APCO (P25), DMR, DRM

Frequency range 9 kHz-30 GHz 9 kHz-9 GHz (Zodiak-TM9S)
Function High-speed stationary complex of radio monitoring and digital signal analysis
Maximum tuning speed 68 GHz/sec (RBW 54 kHz) 39 GHz/sec (RBW 7 kHz)
Unique features Form factor 1U, for stationary installation
Common features High quality radio path. Radioinspector program management. More opportunities for digital analysis and signal processing. The ability to work around the clock (24/365)
Recording and analysis band of IQ data 0.256-32 MHz (11 MHz without recording time limit)
Type of computer connection interface LAN 1 Gb/s
Availability and type of battery and time of autonomic operation NO

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