ZODIAK The most advanced radio monitoring solution for 24/7, periodical and tactical spectrum analysis and TSCM illegal transmissions detection and localization.
The best hardware solution to be bundled with RadioInspector software to perform all of the following functionality:
• Portable and easy to deploy solution for signals detection, analysis and threat localization
• Detection of Frequency hoppong, burst/pulse and low power transmission
• Detection of virtual base stations (imsi cathcers)
• Demodulation of TV signals, both: – digital DVB and — analogue NTSC, PAL, SECAM.
• Identification and demodulation of Wi-FI, Bluetooth, AM, FM, DECT, GSM, UMTS, ZigBee and etc.
• SIGINT. real time IQ signals classification, and automatic digital processing.
• Digital mapping for signals direction finding outdoor with precise GPS positioning
• COMINT. IQ _ProcessPRO appication for IQ stream recording post-processing
• Voice demodulation of non-encrypted Tetra, APCO (P25), DMR, DRM

Frequency range25 MHz(9 kHz)-6 GHz
FunctionPortable small-size complex of radio monitoring and digital signal analysis and
amplitude pelengation
Maximum tuning speed4700 MHz/sec
(RBW 10 kHz)
Unique featuresLong-term Autonomous work in the field (at least 6 hours). Direction finding of
signals displaying on the map in terms
of suppression GPS/Glonass
Common featuresHigh quality radio path. Radioinspector program management. More opportunities for digital analysis and signal processing. The ability to work around the clock (24/365)
Recording and analysis
band of IQ data
0.256-8 MHz
(without recording
time limit)
Type of computer
connection interface
USB 2.0
Availability and type
of battery and time of
autonomic operation
Yes, LiFePO4
at least 6 hours

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