WiFi-Guard wireless access network manager (blocker) is designed to suppress wireless communication signals of 802.11a,b,g,n,ac (2.4 and 5 GHz) standards in order to prevent confidential information leakage.
Compared to traditional blockers, WiFi-Guard may be tuned in such a way that it does not generate interference to the authorized Wi-Fi network users. Due to the use of special-structured jamming, identical to the signals of suppressed standards, the “alien” networks are successfully suppressed, even in case of their joint operation with the authorized (“friendly”) networks on the same channel!
Therefore, in this case only minimum power is emitted on the air – only 10 MW – that is considerably lower than that of its counterparts available in the market.

The device ensures guaranteed suppression of unauthorized wireless Wi-Fi networks at a distance of up to 25 m*.

The connection of the device to the PC (local network) is provided via the Ethernet port. The included software makes the following functions available:

  • detection of active wireless communication networks
  • detection of the network structure (clients-access points)
  • forming a “white list” of unjammable radio networks (it is also available to block all networks)
  • adjustment of the blocking zone border.
Communication standard Suppressed frequencies, MHz
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz 2,400-2,500
Wi-Fi 5 GHz 5,150-5,350/5,470-5,855
Radio module overall dimensions WxHxD, mm 200х200х70
Radio module weight, maximu 2 kg
Radio transmitter power 100 MW
All antennas of the device are of planar and built-in type. Two placement versions are provided: desktop and wall-mounted.
  • Forms special-structured jamming. This type of jamming allows achieving high probability of suppression with minimum on-the-air transmission;
  • Blocking is conducted in two Wi-Fi bands at once (2.4 and 5 GHz);
  • Low power emitted on the air is only 100 MW. The suppressor is of intelligent type: during the absence of active Wi-Fi network the jamming is not performed;
  • All antennas of the device are of planar type and housed inside the enclosure; the power supply unit is built-in as well. This considerably increases the “survivability” of the device;
  • Aesthetically adjusted design. Designs in various colors are possible, as well as in desktop and wall-mounted versions;
  • PC connection is provided for fine tuning of parameters of specific operation conditions;

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