Vector-MD is the new generation METAL/MINE detector specifically designed and with the
capability of identifying the type as well. Multifrequency operation methods with high sensitivity,
it is designed to be exploited in all weather conditions including saline liquids. The equipment
can be used by the border control units as well as the army.

  • High sensitivity detection: Stable discovery of both large and small metal objects in all kinds
    of ground including saline soil.
  • Patented tuning method “ground compensation”. Allows for operation in every type of
    ground even with high salt load value. Keeps the discovery depth of targets in the ground
    close to target range in the atmosphere in contrast to “ground balance” tuning method.
  • Operates either on two frequencies simultaneously or on each frequency separately.
    Increasing sensitivity for specific target groups in simple ground conditions.
  • Detailed digital and graphic visualization of characteristics of discovered object on each
    frequency and in combined simultaneous frequency mode. Provides for precise detection of
    tared object with specified known properties. And allows to define target’s characteristics
    before extraction from the ground. Depth of detection leaves behind all other metal detectors
    devices that are currently on the market.
  • Versatility: Capable of detection of both very small and large objects. May operate as a bomb detector (discovers large metal objects under small metallic garbage. Appropriate for locating of unexploded bombs.
  • Replaceable sensors of different sizes and frequency characteristic help to complete different locating tasks with maximum efficiency. From location of small signal metal pieces to deep search of large metal objects covered with small metallic garbage.
Length:560 мм (disassembled) -1430 мм (assembled)
Weight:1930 gm with li-ion batteries
Operational frequencies:

ion batteries.

Operational frequencies: Two simultaneous frequencies. Frequency pair differs according to the sensor installed. Standard versions: 1.7khz – 14khz ; 3khz – 30khz ; 5khz – 40khz.

Power:6 pcs. АА batteries 1.5v, or accumulators АА. Modification with 2 li-ion batteries 18650 3.7v is possible upon request. Average work time from fully charged 2600mA accumulators AA is 8-10 hours.
Indication:Sound / Graphic display
Sensors:Replaceable. Standard sizes: 10х6″ ; 12х9″ ; 13″ ; 15″ ; 18″
  • Metal detector VECTOR MD
  • Bag for detachable electronic unit of metal detector
  • Search coil 12х9″
  • Headphones (wireless on a demand basis)
  • Charging kit
  • Ni-MH or Li-Ion accumulators (2 packages)
  • Field pack
  • Manual

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