Metal detector SOREX is designed to search for and identify metal objects in dielectric (dry sand, wood etc) and lowconductivity environment (soil, brick walls etc). SOREX is a selective eddy current metal detector working on the induction balance with the operating frequency 6.5 kHz. The distinctive feature of the model is the original pulse technology that allows minimizing interference of soil Ferro-oxides (mineralization) and therefore improving identification of deep and small-scale objects. Automatic adoption to soil and water conditions. SOREX is equipped with search coil software-switchable operation mode at the increased current (Turbo) that allows to improve wanted signal/background noise ratio and increase the search depth. This search coil of the metal detector is also able to work in water continuously 24 hours. The device has also 4 variants of search programs customized by the user. Metal detector is equipped with manual and automatic ground balancing systems with programmable rate of automatic fine tuning (APB). Further up gradation facility is also in this detector. The detector has build in speaker phone and also come with head phone option and for the higher metal contents it has discriminatory audio tone. This detector dose not gives false alarm. This detector is safe for electrically activated mines.
  • Easily operated, portable, light weight with easy adjustments.
  • Ultra high detection sensitivity.
  • Operate under all climatic condition.
  • Long hours without charging.
  • Accurate pinpoint detection.
  • Free from radiation hazards to the operator.
  • Totally Sealed, Water Proof & Submersible.
  • Able to detect explosive with minimum metal content.
  • Automatic adoption to soil & water conditions.
  • Able to detect metals inside hallow metal pipe & in mineralized soils.
Technology: Based on Pulse Technology
Temperature range:
Ambient Temp -20ºC to +60ºC
Humidity 98 % at 25ºC
Atmospheric pressure 630-800mm Hg
Operating time: 20 Hours with dry cells
12 Hours with Rechargeable cell.
Operation starts time: Within 30 seconds (in air metal free soil).
Switch: Selector switch for static or dynamic operation
Volume control: Adjustable.
Weight: <2 kg (without battery)
Max useable detection: 0.05g stainless steel at 75 mm.
Pinpointing detected metal: +5cm range.
Pinpointing the target within: ± 3cm
Detection Capabilities: Detect all ferrous & non ferrous metals.
Capable of detecting buried ine/metals.
Under water — 3 Ft
Length of telescopic rod: Collapsed 700mm (+/- 10%)
Extended 1300 (+/- 10%)
Power: NICD rechargeable battery
Area of search head: 210Sq cm to 710Sq cm
Operational Manual: Provided with each unit
Sensitivity of the detector:
In free Air 0.15gm metal 15cm
50mm vertical 29cm
50mm nail horizontal 23cm
Under ground 0.15gm metal 11cm
50mm vertical 27cm
50mm nail horizontal 17cm
In clear Water 0.15gm metal 11cm
50mm vertical 28cm
50mm nail horizontal 19cm
In Salty Water 0.15gm metal 11cm
50mm vertical 28cm
50mm nail horizontal 19cm
Size & Shape of the object:
0.15gm metal 1 inch x1 inch in foil
50 mm nail Thickness: 04mm
Diameter of head: 06mm
Salty water 03gm iodize common salt in 1 ltrs of Water

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