The Shipovnik 2 device is a simulator of signals issued by unauthorized information pickup systems operating in radio channels. It is designed to test the operational efficiency of radio-monitoring devices and systems used for room inspection and protection, as well as to be used in training experts working in the field of detection of information leak channels.

Shipovnik 2 is a multifunctional device that allows to select various sources and parameters of low-frequency modulating signals:

  • microphone channel or linear low-frequency input with a possible closing mode enabling (delta modulation, spectrum inversion);
  • in-built sweeping signal generator.
  • Various modulation types can also be selected:
  • wide-band frequency modulation (WFM);
  • narrow-band frequency modulation (NFM);
  • FM-FM mode;
  • noise-shaped signal modulation (NSS);
  • pseudorandom operating frequency  (PROF).

High-frequency generation is carried out in the following frequency ranges: 144 MHz, 433 MHz, 1.2 GHz, and 2.4 GHz.

The device can operate in different time modes: continuous, single short-time, or repeated (periodic signal) mode.

Shipovnik 2 operation is supervised by a microcontroller. User-defined modes and parameters are specified from the keyboard and displayed at the LCD screen.

Emission power in each frequency range is at least 10 mW. The device power supply is provided by in-built 12 V batteries or via a mains adapter.

Linear input signal amplitude 0.6 V
Maximum allowed linear input signal amplitude up to 2 V
Transmitter power output at least 10 mW
Autonomous operation time at least 1 hour
Narrow-band frequency modulation band width 20 kHz
Wide-band frequency modulation band width 200 kHz
PROF tuning range 2 MHz
NSS band width 2 MHz
PROF tuning frequency 100 Hz
FM-FM subcarrier frequency 100 kHz
FM-FM subcarrier frequency deviation 5 kHz
Number of PROF channels 100
Linear input channel frequency range 0.1-10 kHz
In-built microphone channel frequency range 0.3-6 kHz

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