Scorpion XL6

1.1. HIGH SPEED SCANNING RADIO RECEIVER Scorpion XL6» is a portable device for radio monitoring, designed for automatic detection and jamming of signals generated by eavesdropping transmitters.

1.2. «Scorpion XL6» allows for:

·         Conduct radio monitoring in panoramic view mode in 80 – 6000 MHz frequency range with 20 MHz band and preview of selected channel with 200 kHz band and spectrogram with 2.5 kHz resolution;

·         detect and locate bugging transmitters using diverse reception of two separate antennas and control of harmonics levels

·         provide spot jamming of the signal of detected illegal transmitter;

·         detect active GSM cell phones with frequency range indication, DECT radio phones;

·         scan in up to 3 programmed regions of frequency range;

·         view and edit 3 independent banks of detected signals and excluded receiving channels;

·         provide testing of other transmitters, EM-field detectors, frequency indicators and meters and other instruments with a build in test oscillator.

Special fearutes:

·         Direction Finder

·         Selective frequency DF


·         Hopping DF

Frequency coverage, МHz 30 – 6000
Input signal level evaluation sensitivity, µV:
in a range of 30 – 3000 MHz, not more than 50
in a range of 3000 – 6000 MHz, not more than 100
in GSM and DECT bandwidths, not more than 500
in spectrogram mode, not more than 300
Intermediate Frequency bandwidth, kHZ 20000, 200, 6
Hop time, sec 10
Hop time, sec in panoramic view mode 2
Frequency measurement accuracy, kHz 10
Input signal measuring range, Db 50
switched on attenuator 70
Number of channels excludable from investigation 8*30000
Number of recordable channels 8*255
Liquid crystal display 128*64 with backlight
Programable threshold of detectability of difference of signal levels When receiving on two antennas, scale division 0…7
Display information:
– signal frequency,
– signal input levels from two antennas,
– Detection threshold level,
– Frequency deviation,
– Number of excluded and detected frequencies,
– Number of receiving antennas,
– Active bank, active attenuator.
– Battery level
Generator power in a range of 30…1000 MHz, µV: 50
1000…3000 MHz 15
4 accumulators, capacity 2200 mAh
External power source 5 or 9 V.
Input current, мА, not more than 350
Dimensions without aerials, mm 150х80х30

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