“Optic-2” – optical device – is intended to detect micro video cameras
often camouflaged in details of interior or clothes.
Such cameras, been relatively cheap, easy and wide spread, often
concealed in casual items and used Ьу voyeurs and spies, are а serious
menace to private life, business and personal security.
“Optic-2” is portaЫe, easy to operate and detects even switched-off cameras with lens diameter less 1 mm.
lt doesn’t matter – in daylight or in darkness – if the camera is pointed to you, “Optic-2” detects the camera.
“Optic-2” is necessary to feel you confident and calm at home, in the office, during negotiations and in hotel’s
ltis intended to localize the hidden video-cameras of pinhole type irrespective of the videosignal
transmission type and operating conditions.
«Optic-2 » is harmless for short-time direct eyes flash. «Optic-2 » has 2 types of lightdiodes.

Field of view 15°
Magnification 6.5х
Focusing range from 0.5 m to • •
RechargeaЫe battery Li-lon 3.7V
Battery endurance up to 4 hr
Sizes, mm 124 х 65 х 91
Weight with battery cell 430 g
Detection range of camera with 1 mm lens diameter from 0.5 to 50 m
  • rechargeaЫe battery
  • charger for the battery
  • wristbelt
  • User’s Manual
  • pouch for the device and accessories
  • binocular type design
  • coated lens
  • еуе safety of LED illumination
  • 2 single or douЫe wave illumination
  • pulse or continues illumination
  • ergonomic design

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