The system of acoustic and vibroacoustic protection “OCTAVA” is designed to protect the premises from leakage of acoustic speech information through vibro-acoustic and acoustic channels, by creating active, adjustable masking acoustic and vibro-acoustic noises in the frequency range from 90 to 11200 Hz

can also be installed in the “I category” premises

The system is built on a modular basis. The main modules of the system are:

  • Vibro-acoustic generator with equalizers “Octava”
  • Vibro-emitters VI 1
  • Acoustic emitters AI1
  • Digital autonomous (password protected) control and monitoring of the system settings with the output of information on the built-in liquid crystal display.
  • Presence of the built-in counter of the total operating time with the registration of the values in the protected non-volatile memory.
  • The system of monitoring and indication of normal operation or the emergence of an emergency in the elements of the system (visual, audible) allows you to obtain information about the functioning of the system in real time.
  • The presence of 4 statistically independent channels of generation of “white” noise (two vibroacoustic, one acoustic, one for vibration noise) and the presence of a 7-band octave equalizer in each channel.
  • The presence of a vibroacoustic noise channel of the generator housing, to prevent leakage of information due to the microphone effect
  • The presence of a wired remote control (allows switch on / off of the generator) 

    The system “Octava” provides the possibility of connecting a large number of vibroacoustic radiators, which makes it possible to protect large rooms with various building structures at minimal expense.

Accordion Content
Bandwidth of the noise signal, not less than, Hz 90 – 11 200
Number of channels: 4
– for vibro interference 2
– for acoustic interference 1
– for vibrating noise generator housing 1
The number of octave bands of the equalizer in each channel, except for the channel vibro noise housing 7
Adjustment range in each equalizer band, dB not less than 20
Band adjustment of the signal at the output channels, dB not less than 20
Center frequencies of the octave bands of the equalizer, kHz 0,125±10%; 0,25±10%; 0,5±10%; 1,0±10%; 2,0±10%; 4,0±10%; 8,0±10%
The maximum number of parallelly connected vibration transmitters VI1 to the channel “B1” 6
– series-connected 12
The maximum number of parallelly connected vibration transmitters VI1 to the channel “B2” 6
– series-connected 12
The maximum number of consecutively-parallel acousto-emitters AI1 (4 Ohm), to the channel “A” 4
Minimum resistance of the load connected to the output “A”, Ohm 4
Power supply from an alternating current network 220`v+10%-15%, 50 Hz ± 1%
Power consumption of the system (at full load), not more than, W 65
Overall dimensions of the generator, not more than, mm 270х130х60
Weight, not more. kg 1,8

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