“СOCON-DS” designed to protect the acoustic information circulating in the location of the owner of the mobile phone in case of unsanctioned remote activation of the phone with a purpose of eavesdropping by cellular channel.

The principle of operation is based upon the remote control of phone’s energy activity. In a standby mode the activity is minimal. The functioning of any application of the phone results in a change of energy state, which is indicated with relevant sensors and activates the mechanism of acoustic protection. This principle allows protection of any mobile phone from remote activation (incl. the activated “Dictaphone” function).
Once the switch is «on» (pic. 1) a short sound proceeds, which means the device is ready to use. The activation of acoustic noise generator indicates the unsanctioned connection to the phone and the initialization of informational exchange. Intellectual mode is realized so that after the communication session starts, the noise generator switches on with a delay (5-10 sec. approx.), which is enough to hear standard sound signals (dial tone) and accept the call. When pushing the button (pic. 2) the acoustic interference switches off and device goes to indication mode, signalizing about the activity with built-in diode.
1. Noise level in the location of the mobile phone’s microphone Not less than100 dB
2. Effective noise signal spectrum (300 – 4000) Hz
3. Power supply of “Cocon-DS” LI-Ion battery with 230 мАh capacity
4. Input voltage 6V

Run-time in stand by mode  – not less than 4 days. Full charging time – not more than 1 hour. When the battery is low you will hear 3 tonal signals and the notice the diode flashes red. After this the device turns off.

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