Booklet MD is a combined device with 2 fucntions: metal detector and detector of electronic components (non-linear detector). For this purpose the non-linear detector is placed in the body of a standard manual inspection metal detector.  Visual signs of non-linear detector presence are absent. Indication of detected radio electronic appliances is made through the built-in standard indicators of the metal detector.

Booklet MD helps to locate radio electronic devices such as mobile phones, speech recorders, receiving and transmitting equipment and its elements, which can be found under cloth on a human body or in personal belongings at a distance not less than 10 cm. Metal detection function remains.

  • Working temperature: -5 up to +40°C
  • Arrangement weight: not more than 1 kg (summary weight considering metal detector and NLJD)
  • Sizes: 8,3 x 4,13 x 42 cm
  • Power: Li-Ion rechargeable battery 1,2 Ah x 7,2V
  • Operating time: not less than 3 hours
  • Automatic control of battery discharge
  • Charge time: 2,5 hours
  • Headphones/Power jack
  • Humidity: up to 95% (no direct moisture)
  • Effective radiated power – 1W +- 1,5 dB
  • Receiver sensitivity – -120 dBm
  • Energy flux density, created by the device in radiation direction – not more than 200 microwatt/cm2.
  • Operational frequency – 93 kHz
  • Optimal distance for detection of metal item – 10-15 cm
  • Light and sound indication alarm.
  • Automatic adjustment.

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