A portable nonlinearity locator  «Buclet-2», further named as  «the deviceе», is a compact appliance intended to discover appliances which contain semiconductor units.

Appliances which are to be discovered may be located on a human body, under cloth, in a headwear, in footwear or in private belongings, in furniture, in break and concrete walls.

The discoverable appliances may be both in actuated or in non-actuated condition.

With the help of the device «Buclet-2» there can be discovered separated contact connections of two or more metal subjects with presence of oxides in places of contact.

Probing signal: Pulse or continuous
Effective radiated power 0.4 W
Radiated band width (2400 ÷ 2420) MHz
Frequency adjustment step 400 kHz
Selection of free channel automatic
Sensitivity of receivers -115 dBm
Range of received frequencies (4800 ÷ 4840) MHz
Antenna polarization linear
Weight of the device Not exceed 360 g
Overall dimensions (220 х 95 х 95) mm
Supply Li Ion accumulator
Interval of continuous operation Not less than 3 h
Control of battery discharge automatic

The nonlinearity locator is manufactured as a compact non-separable structure.

Controls and indication means are located as shown on fig. 1.

Design of the Buklet-2


  1. Supply switch button.
  2. Button to adjust power for increasing.
  3. Button to adjust power for reducing.
  4. Button to turn off power.
  5. Button to turn off pulse mode and to turn on continuous radiation mode (when operated in a pulse mode the tone heard in head phones is 800 Hz). Repeated press turns on the pulse mode again.
  6. Indicator to control accumulator battery switch on.
  7. Scale to indicate radiation power.
  8. Scale to indicate response level (2-nd harmonic)
  9. Indicator for continuous mode turn on.
  10. Connector to attach charge appliance.
  11. Connector to attach head phones.

On the device control panel there is the label «BUCLET-2»

The device and its accessories are disposed in a special bag made with using strong material

Transportation of the device can be fulfilled by any kind of vehicles for passengers.

The device must be stored in storage rooms which protect the device against atmospheric precipitation, on bookstands or in package without acid and alkali fumes or other aggressive contaminations.

In storage rooms where the devices are stored there must be maintained the ambient temperature 0 … + 40 оС and the relative air humidity 80% at temperature 30 оС.

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