The acoustic reflectometer “ARFA-MD” is designed to detect technical channels of audio data leakage by monitoring acousto-electric response in office equipment and its cabling systems with high-frequency sounding of cables. “ARFA” makes it possible to detect eavesdropping devices tapped to power and communication cabling systems including bugs without radio-electronic elements.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Frequency band parametric search by modulation of the imposition from 10 kHz is 400 MHz
  • Minimum tuning step frequency of 1 kHz
  • The minimum level of detection of a response line signal Of resistance of 200 Ohm is not less than -90 dBV;
  • The power of signal initiation in the line by a resistance of 50 or 200 ohms in the entire frequency range 0 – 10 dbm;
  • 15 dB signal power adjustment in 1 dB steps
  • Inspection modes – manual and automatic
  • The maximum alternating voltage in the line under study
  • Not more than 250 V (frequency 50 Hz)
  • The bandwidth of the demodulator path +/- 4.5KHz from the frequency of the imposition
  • Operating time from built-in batteries at least 4 hours
  • Power supply 110 – 230 V power supply frequency 50-60 Hz
  • Operating system Windows 7, Windows 8;
  • Report file format compatible with Excel
  • Dimensions of the product 340Х300Х170
  • The mass of the working set of the product is not more than 6 kg.

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